Check our CALENDAR for our regularly scheduled events, including pinball tournaments, happy hours for local community groups, and DJ nights. Follow us on Instagram @timewarp206 or Facebook @timewarp206 for updates and event posts.

You may rent the Timewarp pinball and noodle bar for private parties, 21+ only, up to 80 people, with Timewarp hosting the bar. Email us at with the size of your party, dates you would like us to consider, and if you want a daytime, early evening, late evening, or weekend event.

Options include:

Private Room (Intergalactic Spaceport)

Capacity: 12-15 people (21+ only)

Availability: any hours the bar is open

Price: $100 an hour, 2 hour minimum*

Mezzanine + Private Room

Capacity: 24-30 people (21+ only)

Availability: Tues-Thurs 12pm-2am. Weekends negotiable.

Price: $500 an hour*

Add-ons: curated Street Fighter or pinball tournament ($100 – $300)

Entire Bar

Capacity: 80 people (21+ only)

Availability: Tuesdays any time; Monday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday 12pm-2pm. Weekends negotiable.

Price: Depends on the day of the week, approximately $1000 an hour*

*All prices are negotiable for slow nights, depending on the size of crowd you expect to bring in.